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5 seasons

78 episodes


Haven is a supernatural drama very loosely based on the book The Colorado Kid by Steven King.  I have not read the book, but I know someone who has and have been reliably informed that the book and the show are two entirely different creatures.  That being said, the show is an enjoyable watch for those who enjoy supernatural dramas. The premise is that the supernatural is caused by the Troubles, and Audrey, one of the show’s protagonists, is immune to said Troubles and can even cure them in some cases.  The mythology is interesting, and the New England setting is also fun for those who have lived or visited New England. I give it a 3-ghost rating because ultimately it doesn’t bring anything particularly new or exciting to the table, but is done well enough.

I am one of those people who watches everything with subtitles—even shows/movies in English (my native language)—because I often miss things that are spoken quickly and the subtitles save me from having to rewind multiple times to catch everything that is being said.  Occasionally, this leads to amusing discoveries.

One such example is Haven’s theme music.  The song itself is an enjoyable jingle, but what makes it stand out in my memory is that it got subtitled with such a diverse range of descriptions.  Usually when there is music in a show, it doesn’t get subtitled at all (if it’s instrumental) or gets subtitled with its title and/or lyrics.

However, Haven’s intro jingle got subtitled with such an assortment of subtitles as the following:

  • dramatic music (x3)
  • haunting music (season 1 only)
  • upbeat celtic music (x1)
  • somber folk music (x36)
  • upbeat folk music (x4)
  • folk music (x1)
  • untitled (x4)
  • dramatic violin music (x2)
  • adventurous music (x1)
  • country music (x1)
  • theme music (x12)

I don’t know who was responsible for this, but they have my kudos for making me smile every time the Haven intro played.  (Also, I watched it through in its entirety every time, instead of skipping the intro like I normally do. Well played, indeed.)

Review finished: July 9, 2019
Review posted: August 8, 2019

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