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5 Moments from Ghost Town Gold that Antiquers Will Find Relatable

Recently I was in the mood for some vicarious antiquing so I watched Ghost Town Gold. It’s a short miniseries, just 6 episodes, but it lives up to its title: every episode was, in fact, gold. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it if, like me, you are ever in the mood to go antiquing but can’t for whatever reason. Additionally, here are my 5 favorite moments from the show that were highly relatable as an antiquer myself.

When Brit informs us that “Eureka” in Greek means “to find”.

As someone who studied Greek, I can confirm this is true.

When Brit discovers a ratty old quilt and exclaims, “holy quilts!”

This is going to be my new go-to exclamation when I come across quilts while antiquing.

When the partners’ host finds the perfect pièce de résistance for her old west hotel and she says “I’m not even gonna take the dust off of it.”

A relatable feel™

When the partners find an old cat doll and one remarks, “I like the kitty.”

I, also, like the kitty.

When the partners’ host leads them to a barn full of old wagon wheels and the Hallelujah Chorus plays

We’ve all experienced a moment like this.

Review finished: August 14, 2019
Review posted: August 15, 2019
Review updated: August 16, 2019, cosmetic edits

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