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Are YOU Cursed?

A few weeks ago I talked about the real curses behind the Curse of the Black Pearl—the famous cursed ghost ship in the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And last time, I took a detailed look at the curse of the Black Pearl specifically. For this week’s post, it’s time to look at another aspect of the curse: those who are affected by the curse though not cursed themselves.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, there are a number of people affected by the curse of the Black Pearl, even though they themselves were not cursed. These include Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann most prominently, and being a Disney movie, they eventually overcome their trials and live happily ever after.

In the myth of Tantalus, things are not quite as cut and dried, but overall, they still end fairly well for all secondary parties concerned (Tantalus, of course, is doomed for eternity). Now, this may seem surprising considering that the fairy tales and myths are generally much more grim than the Disney versions made out of them. In this case, however, it is not so surprising, assuming you are familiar with Greek myths, where the forgiveness and generosity of the gods plays a prominent role. And so Pelops, Tantalus’ son, makes out quite well indeed—he gets some flashy horses from Poseidon, wins a bride, and gets an awesome kingdom, not to mention, he’s the grandfather of Menelaus and Agamemnon, the famous brothers who sieged Troy.

Niobe, Tantalus’ daughter, is not quite so lucky, but really she has no one to blame but herself and the same pride that was the downfall of Tantalus. But if you want to judge for yourself, the last chapter of the myth of Tantalus has now been posted in the Database of Demons and Death Gods for your reading pleasure!

Read the last chapter of the Tantalus myth

And be sure to join us next week for the real story of Lady Ambrosia!

Finished: 2.19.20
Posted: 2.20.20

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