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Extraterrestrial Life

Welcome to the special feature, Your Barista Today Is: an entertaining AND educational feature designed to bring you information you can use and enjoyment that you need during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. With everything turned on its head, why not work and play at the same time? Your barista today is possibly not human, and for your drink today we recommend: extraterrestrial life—the theme for this week’s menu.

School is out of session, thousands are out of work—let’s face it: the coronavirus has left many, many people with a lot of time on their hands but not much to do. Sure it’s tempting to watch mindless TV or read romance novels—not that I would judge anyone for either, I’ve indulged in my fair share of both. But if you’re looking to improve your mind, what better time is there than now to stare gently into the abyss and consider the possibility and mechanics of extraterrestrial life? Would they be friends? Would they be foes? If you would like to explore such ideas, may I suggest the following menu:

Recommended reading:The Terror of Air-Level Six by Harl Vincent
Recommended viewing:Abyss (어비스)
Meal suggestion:Instant mashed potatoes (the powder kind)
Drink suggestion:Water


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