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The Living Haunting the Dead

Welcome to the special feature, Your Barista Today Is: an entertaining AND educational feature designed to bring you information you can use and enjoyment that you need during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. With everything turned on its head, why not work and play at the same time? Your barista today is the dead haunting the living and for your drink today we recommend: the living haunting the dead—the theme for this week’s menu.

Some people believe in ghosts. Some don’t. Some have the misfortune to have a ghost haunting their attic (or basement, or upstairs bathroom, or some other inconvenient part of their house) and don’t have a choice in the matter. If you belong to the first or last group, it is important to know how to identify ghosts, and when you have identified and located it, what to do. I like to call this approach: the living haunting the dead. If you’re ready to be the living haunting the dead, may I suggest the following menu:

Recommended reading:Carnacki the Ghost-Finder by William Hope Hodgson
Recommended viewing:Ghostbusters
Meal suggestion:Sea Salt Potato Chips
Drink suggestion:Margarita with salted rim


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