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An Academic Interest In The Devil

Welcome to the special feature, Your Barista Today Is: an entertaining AND educational feature designed to bring you information you can use and enjoyment that you need during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. With everything turned on its head, why not work and play at the same time? Your barista today is not a bible nut and for your drink today we recommend: an academic interest in the devil—the theme for this week’s menu.

You don’t have to be a bible nut to find it massively interesting how the religious themes of Christianity manifest themselves in popular culture. The devil, in particular, is a particularly intriguing character—one that writers and artists have been exploring since works like Paradise Lost by John Milton and Le génie du mal by Guillaume Geefs. While organized religion may decry depictions of Satan that might be interpreted as flattering, favorable, or even glamorous, these depictions have a lot to tell us about our culture and ourselves.

If you’re ready to explore the character of the Adversary, may I suggest the following menu:

Recommended reading:Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff
Recommended viewing:Lucifer
Meal suggestion:Devil’s Food Cake
Drink suggestion:Satan’s Whiskers cocktail


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