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Misdemeanor? What misdemeanor?

Certain elements of America are famous (or rather infamous) for romanticizing the 1950’s. Personally, I wasn’t alive then but I doubt it was as great a time as nostalgia makes it out to be, especially for anyone who wasn’t white, but I digress. The point I am trying to make here is that there IS at least one thing that era did a decent job at, and to see it, you need look no further than the header image of this post. Yes, I am talking about response to infectious disease.

Just so you can admire the beauty of that quarantine notice in its full form, here is an uncropped version without the medical musings tag:

To fail to notify the county quarantine officer in case this placard is removed in any way whatever before January 4, 1945, without his consent is a misdemeanor, and the offender upon conviction shall be fined not more than $50 or imprisoned more than thirty (30) days, as required by Section 7155, Consolidated Statutes.

Contrast this to the current pandemic, where things such as violating quarantine orders or mandates to wear masks is a misdemeanor…technically…but really, it’s more of a strong suggestion, y’know. Nobody’s actually enforcing it, let alone imprisoning anybody for violations, or fining them $50 ($71.22 if you account for inflation).

That leaves it up to us—the grassroots, the ordinary people—to encourage everyone else to stay home when they’re sick, and wear masks when they go out. And here, on my humble blog, I plan to fight the good fight in my usual style: with humor that’s mostly just sarcasm, swearing and references to alcoholic beverages.

All of this to say, tune in at the usual time (8.00pm eastern) for a new feature, Mask Police.

If you’ve been enjoying the Your Barista feature, don’t worry; it’s not going away. I’ll just be doing the Mask Police feature for a while, at least until all the mask fervor settles down a bit in my area, and then I’ll most likely alternate the two, with occasional other posts. Fanfiction Friday will continue as usual.

Until later!

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