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The K-Drama Villain Mask

So it’s the coronavirus end times, and you have to wear a mask. It sucks. They’re scratchy, they’re stuffy, they ride up, your beard doesn’t fit, they make you break out, you have to wash them, you have to throw them out each time—the reasons to hate them are endless. But why not look on the bright side, and find a reason to make it fun? Introducing: the K-Drama Villain Mask.

Many villains in k-dramas wear masks. It’s really just practical—wearing a face mask hides a large part of the face and makes it harder to identify a person, so if someone is getting up to no good, this is a no brainer. In American dramas, the preferred face covering during nefarious hijinks seems to be black balaclavas or pantyhose, but in k-dramas the go-to is a black face mask.

So the next time you need to go out, be conscious of your fellow man and put on your face mask (and wear it properly). But instead of donning your mask with a sigh of frustration, just imagine that instead of going to get groceries, you’re on your way to do some super shady, super secret thing in your favorite k-drama.

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Superpowers in the workplace, and a mask wearing villain


“This is my K-Drama Villain mask” available at Redbubble
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