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Black, No Sugar

Welcome to Fanfiction Friday, your passport into the world of fanfiction! This week, we’re learning about the best alternative universe (AU) to go to if you like the canon universe just fine, thanks.

As a reminder, if you’re just joining us now, you’ll probably want to pop over to the introductory vocabulary post first, unless you’re already a fanfic veteran.

Last week, we learned about the best AU to go to when your favorite character is cruelly murdered—but maybe happily ever afters aren’t your thing (I don’t understand, but not judging), or you just don’t think anything in the canon universe needs changing.

This technically isn’t even an AU, but it bears a mention because sometimes you just don’t want to invest the intellectual effort required to get into a new AU, or you just don’t feel like reading AU fic, and the canon ‘verse is what you’re most in the mood for. Canon compliant fic is also a good area to start in when you’re new to fandom.

For such circumstances as these, I give you the Canon Compliant tag, which like last week’s AU, is another one which is exactly what is sounds like.

If canon compliant fic sounds intriguing, click that nice little link up in the previous paragraph to head over to AO3. Be sure to select the fandom(s) you want in the include filter, add anything you don’t want to see to the exclude filters, and away you go!

That concludes this week’s edition of Fanfiction Friday. Happy reading!

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