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Welcome to the special feature, Your Barista Today Is: an entertaining AND educational feature designed to bring you information you can use and enjoyment that you need during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. With everything turned on its head, why not work and play at the same time? Your barista today is a starving artist and for your drink today we recommend you support the blog, because this week’s post is actually a poorly disguised promotional post.

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Where have I been?

It’s already more than halfway through March and not a single post from me this year—what gives? For two years now, I’ve been beating around the bush with this in a comment here or there. Today I’m going to say it outright and get it on the record: I am disabled, suffering from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. That’s why the posts have grown fewer and fewer over that time period, and why I haven’t posted at all yet this year.

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