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Database of Demons and Death Gods

PAMELA: So. (She reaches over and swats him lightly on the head.) That’s for getting me killed.
DEAN: Yeah. That’s… probably less than I deserve. Makes you feel any better, we got Ash killed too.
At the bar, Ash raises his hand in a rock salute.
ASH: I’m cool with it. (He snaps his fingers.)
DEAN: He’s cool with it.

Supernatural, Season 5, Episode 16, “Dark Side of the Moon”

Stories of death have been part of human culture across the globe for thousands of years. The Database of Demons and Death Gods (DODG) offers a hub where readers, storytellers, and scholars can find these stories indexed by the name of the god, the region where the story comes from, the themes in the story, and the author of the story.

To start with, or if you aren’t looking for anything in particular, you can browse the archive:

Browse the Archive

If you would like to take advantage of the indexing, you can search the archive. Narrow your search using the indexing criteria filters on the left side of the search results screen after entering your initial search query below. For example, if you are looking for ghost stories, try searching “ghost.”

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