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Top 5 Ghost Dramas

I previously reviewed 10 chilling ghost dramas to keep you cool this past summer. Rather than rerun the whole post in the month-long Halloween special, I’m just highlighting my 5 favorites from that post with some new material, all of which will make excellent watching during this Halloween season.

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Lady Ambrosia

Seeing as Friday of this week is both Friday the 13th and the full harvest moon, it seems like an auspicious time to launch a new feature: Fairytale Focus, where I look at the representation of fairytales in popular media. This week we see a myth called Lady Ambrosia which was featured in the show The Blacklist.


5 More Relatable Antiquing Moments

Last week we saw five relatable moments from Ghost Town Gold that will resonate with antiquers, thrifters, and everyone who loves old stuff. This week we have 5 more relatable antiquing moments, this time from the Canadian reality show Storage Wars, where the show’s stars bid on lockers that are being auctioned off (delinquent accounts) in the hopes of making a profit. The quality of this show is a bit more touch and go than Ghost Town Gold; overall, I give it 3.5 stars. However, in spite of its shortcomings, there are still quite a few moments that antiquers and thrifters will find relatable. See five of them in this post.

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5 Moments from Ghost Town Gold that Antiquers Will Find Relatable

Recently I was in the mood for some vicarious antiquing so I watched Ghost Town Gold. It’s a short miniseries, just 6 episodes, but it lives up to its title: every episode was, in fact, gold. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it if, like me, you are ever in the mood to go antiquing but can’t for whatever reason. Additionally, here are my 5 favorite moments from the show that were highly relatable as an antiquer myself.

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