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Cicero, On the Good Life

Today I felt like re-reading Cicero’s De Amicitia, one of my favorite of his works, but things took a turn for the not-so-good life when I picked Michael Grant’s translation, included in the Penguin edition of the collection of Cicero’s works known as On the Good Life.

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A Christmas Carol: A Holiday Classic

Almost everybody knows (or at least has heard of) Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. If you’ve ever said “Bah, humbug!” then A, you have no holiday spirit and B, you were making a reference to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Whether you’re watching it on the silver screen or reading it on the page, A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic full of good cheer.

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American Holocaust

In the good ol’ US of A, Thanksgiving gives many people a warm fuzzy feeling—good food, good company (usually), good memories. But Thanksgiving doesn’t evoke good memories for the indigenous peoples who faced massive slaughter following European contact with the Americas. David Stannard documents the destruction in this book, which makes a much more enlightening alternative to watching football this November 28.

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When you mention banned books, a lot of people tend to think about the great classics of literature which, for one reason or another, have suffered from censorship at some point during their publication. This is somewhat unfortunate, as the emphasis on banned classics can overshadow the challenges faced by books currently being published which are censored and do not have the advantage of being a “classic” to support their placement in libraries and schools. #itsaproblem

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