Books I’ve Read

The Source by Art Bell and Brad Steiger

The Space Intelligences are here to teach, to awaken the human spirit, to help humankind rise to higher levels of vibration, so that they will be able to enter new dimensions. (p. 127)

Bell, Art and Brad Steiger.  (1999).  The Source: Journey Through the Unexplained.  New Orleans: Paper Chase Press.

The genre of this book, as stated on the back of the dust jacket, is Metaphysical Studies, and I have, accordingly, filed it under both Science Fiction and Nonfiction.  In terms of content, I honestly don’t know what to make of it: the book includes both the expected (e.g. discussion of government cover-ups, crop circles, etc.) and the unexpected (e.g. chapter 7, Angels Versus Demons—or Good Aliens Versus Bad Aliens?), as well as the merely ambivalent (e.g. the unilluminating statement that “the truth is still hidden”).  While I like to think myself a reasonably well-educated person, I sometimes felt like this book was above my level of comprehension (this may have been because I was blasting Heart’s greatest hits while reading it; however, I tried turning the music off and parts of the book still didn’t make much sense).  If you can get past the digressions—for example, half of the chapter on crop circles is devoted to a discussion of fairies—I think that a reader more well-versed in the paranormal than myself might find this book quite informative.  Or maybe it’s just bullsh*t.

How it got published: Authors’ reputations

Reviewed: 07/04/2017
Published: 07/04/2017

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