Books I’ve Read

Monster by Christopher Pike

If she had thought the place creepy on the outside, inside she thought it was in dire need of an exorcism. —p107

Pike, Christopher.  (1992).  Monster.  New York: Pocket Books.

Monster by Christopher Pike is actually incredibly well-written—a compelling story with characters that prove to be much more than t he cardboard cutouts they seem at first.  Really, it’s a damn shame that such a great book was published with such an uninspired title.  The amount of mythos packed into this book is fascinating, and to label such a package with such a dime-a-dozen appellation would be like taking a sprawling TV series about angels and demons and the end of the world and just calling it Supernatural.  I mean, who does that?

How it got published: Editor was asleep
Rating: Damn good, actually

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