Introducing: Dr. Ho Fei

“Also, we all gave Ho Fei a nickname called “Arrival of God of Death.” Do you know why? Because all cases that he handles personally will make you want to sing this song. It’s seriously troublesome.”
—said by the police captain to the new rookie in Demon’s Path

Demon’s Path

1 season

13 episodes


This is a crime-solving-via-ghosts type show.  There are two ways that the police communicate with the dead: via shamans (“supernatural specialists”) and via a scientific device created by the creepy (he takes naps in a body bag) Dr. Ho.  The crime-solving plot is interesting but it was the characters (especially Dr. Ho and his character arc) that made me love this show.

Dr. Ho Fei is a fascinating character.  There are shows where the battle between good and evil takes place between two people, the side of good versus the side of evil.  But what I find much more interesting is when the battle between good and evil takes place within a single character, as is the case with Dr. Ho.

The series begins with Dr. Ho serving as the medical examiner for the police station.  He is largely apathetic, and is interested only in the science of autopsy and dissecting corpses.  When the team tries to get him involved in their unsanctioned efforts to fight crime and evil, he doesn’t want to get involved.

“Take it away if I can’t dissect it.  Don’t bother me.”
—Ho Fei

However, “curiosity killed the cat” might well be the motto of Dr. Ho Fei.  After he witnesses the supernatural specialist reviving a corpse briefly so that the team can hear its last words, he develops a scientific alternative—a device that allows a living person to see what the deceased saw in their last moments.  This device helps the team solve cases, but leads to Dr. Ho’s involvement in their trials and tribulations.

As his interactions with the other characters increase, Dr. Ho is thrown into situations that test his resolve to remain as one of the good guys.  Although I won’t spoil the end, I will say that his final decision is very surprising. Dr. Ho is certainly a fascinating character who makes this series well worth watching!

Dr. Ho speaks to a member of the team.
Even creepy coroners require cute notebooks.

Review finished: July 9, 2019
Review posted: July 11, 2019

All images in this post are taken from Demon’s Path and are copyright of their respective owners.

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