Stranger (비밀의 숲)

Stranger (비밀의 숲)

1 season

16 episodes


Stranger (Hangeul: 비밀의 숲) is a cerebral crime thriller featuring the emotionless prosecutor Hwang Si-mok, who cooperates with a rebellious female cop, Han Yeo-jin, who makes up for what he lacks in the emotional department.  The plot in this show is brilliant and Hwang Si-mok is such a great character—so is Han Yeo-jin, but I personally related to Si-mok more because he is a badass in spite of (maybe because of?) his medical issues, which he overcomes in order to fight evil and be awesome.  The show also features an atmospheric soundtrack that will give you chills every time. I give this show a five-star rating with no reservations—it’s an all-time favorite, and I hope to see a sequel.

Yeo-jin: Do you believe aliens exist?
Si-mok: Yes.
Yeo-jin: Why?
Si-mok: Otherwise, it’d be a waste of space.

Lieutenant Han Yeo-Jin (played by Bae Doona) and Prosecutor Hwang Si-Mok (played by Cho Seung-Woo) discuss the existence of aliens while working on the case.

Review finished: July 16, 2019
Review posted: July 18, 2019

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