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Canterbury Tales: A Busybody’s Favorite

Everybody knows a busybody or has a snooping neighbor—if you don’t know someone like this, it’s probably you! Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is a fantastic novel-in-verse for busybodies everywhere, featuring a broad cast of characters portrayed with all of the details we love to snoop on.

Chaucer, Geoffrey. (1934). Canterbury Tales, Rendered Into Modern English by J. U. Nicolson. Garden City, New York: Garden City Publishing Company, Inc.

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Some characters to keep your binoculars trained on:

The Friar: More interested in barmaids than beggars or lepers
The Wife of Bath: Married 5 times (!)
The Miller: Seems to know a thing or two about keeping a lover on the side…

How it got published: Snuck it past the pope somehow
Rating: Busybody gold
Good gift for: Snooping neighbors

Review finished: 12/12/19
Review posted: 12/17/19

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