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A Christmas Carol: A Holiday Classic

Almost everybody knows (or at least has heard of) Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. If you’ve ever said “Bah, humbug!” then A, you have no holiday spirit and B, you were making a reference to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Whether you’re watching it on the silver screen or reading it on the page, A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic full of good cheer.

Dickens, Charles. (1877). A Christmas carol : as condensed by himself, for his readings. Boston: Lee and Shepard.

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Charles Dickens-A Christmas Carol-Title page-First edition 1843

Above: Title page and frontispiece from the first edition.

How it got published: Persevered through a spot of difficulty
Rating: Holiday classic
Good gift for: Anyone with holiday spirit

Review finished: 12/18/19
Review posted: 12/19/19

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