Link’s Awakening

This week we have another first: a video game review! I was gifted with a Nintendo Switch over the holiday season so I have been taking a (partial) break from my Netflix binging and doing some video game binging instead. I am a big Legend of Zelda fan so Link’s Awakening was definitely on my to-do list. Read on for my review!

Vital Stats

Title: Link’s Awakening
Type: Video Game
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2
(-1/2 star for confusing start)
Recommended: Yes

Why I Liked It

  • a good re-make
  • cute art is A+
  • get haunted by a ghost
  • existential angst
  • collect seashells

Bonus features

  • you wake the rooster for once
  • instead of the rooster waking you
  • #justlivingthedream

Review finished: 1.08.20
Review posted: 1.09.20

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