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Long Title Award

Facebook Memories reminded me of a book I once came across when working at the UNCG Classics Library. It has quite possibly the longest title I have come across in my (admittedly short) time as a librarian, clocking in at 97 words. The title, in its entirety, is as follows:

Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera; or, the Works of Virgil. with Copious Notes, mythological, biographical, historical, geographical, philosophical, astronomical, critical, and explanatory, in English; Compiled From the Best Commentators, with many that are new. Together With an Ordo of the Most Intricate Parts of the Text, Upon the Same Page with the Text. Designed for the use of Students in the Colleges, Academies, and Other Seminaries, in the United States. Specially calculated to lighten the labour of the teacher, and to lead the student into a knowledge of the poet. To which is added, a Table of Reference.

For those who are conversant with the Latin language, Google Books has digitized this notable volume, and you can read it on

How it got published: A product of its times
Rating: sheer brilliance

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