Random Cactus Montage Award

We’ve all been there: you’re stuck in a class, either in school or for some career development thing. You’re going around the room, doing introductions, and it’s the standard spiel—name, rank, serial number—but the instructor wanted to be creative, so you have to add something unique about yourself.

Well hello there, my name is Emily, and I frickin’ love cactuses .

As it happens, so does Ad, the protagonist in Answer for Heaven, recipient of this week’s Random Cactus Montage award. Ad is a news reporter who covers the arrival on Earth of an honest to, well, God, angel. He grows cactuses and succulents in his office, at one point chiding his boss that he is scaring them.

While some shows choose to use gaudy (and sometimes seizure-inducing) camera-flash effects to indicate scene transitions, Answer for Heaven frequently uses random cactus montages, which is a convention that I, personally, believe should be adopted as an industry standard.

Seasons: 1
Rating: sheer excellence

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