Shadow Snubbull

Niantic recently launched the fairy-type Team GO rocket grunt—as best as I can tell from a quick online search, it went live somewhere around the time of the fairy week event. I encountered my first one today. Read on for the experience.

The hint text for the fairy-type grunt is “Check out my cute Pokémon!” Her line up consists of two shadow Snubbull and one shadow Granbull. The reward Pokémon is, as you would expect, shadow Snubbull, who can be seen in the header image for this post.

Obviously poison and steel types will do well against this grunt, as these types of moves are super-effective against fairy-type Pokémon. But honestly, as long as you aren’t bringing any dragon types to the party, you should be fine if your team has cp in the above-3000 range, high 2000s may even work but I don’t know for sure. My 3275 cp Rhyperior with Mud Slap and Rock Wrecker was able to take out all three of the grunt’s Pokémon with ease.

I am partial to Snubbull, as well as fairy types in general, so I was very excited by this encounter! I’m not sure how rare this grunt is; as I said, it was my first time seeing her, but I don’t spend a lot of time going around Poké stops battling Team GO Rocket. I generally just battle the Team GO Rocket members who float in on their hot air balloons.

Anyway, I hope you are fortunate enough to capture a shadow Snubbull. Smell ya later!

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