WordPress, why u like this

Aka, update on the new blog series, still coming soon.

I’m still working on getting the material for the next series on the blog, and hopefully, WordPress will be functioning properly by that time. Supposedly they fixed the issues in the last update, but I’m still having issues, and this new series is going to be somewhat image-heavy—not something that will end in anything other than frustration as long as the block editor is being glitchy.

If anyone has advice on getting WordPress to behave on iOS and/or desktop versions, please leave a comment. ❤

Anyway, a little bit about the new series, whenever it is able to make its debut:

This is going to be a Pokemon series, as you might have guessed by the increase in Pokemon content on the blog lately.

Specifically, this is going to be a tutorial on making your own Pokemon fan books using easily available tools. The tutorial will most likely work just as well for fan books for other fandoms, but I’m on a Pokemon kick so that’s what we’re doing.

For the content of my tutorial book, I will be using material I collected from the 2021 Go Fest (I’m sure some of you were wondering why that hasn’t made an appearance).

I hope you’ll be as excited for this series as I am! Once I get through the WordPress issues, that is. 😖

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