Where have I been?

It’s already more than halfway through March and not a single post from me this year—what gives? For two years now, I’ve been beating around the bush with this in a comment here or there. Today I’m going to say it outright and get it on the record: I am disabled, suffering from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. That’s why the posts have grown fewer and fewer over that time period, and why I haven’t posted at all yet this year.

I do have content planned for this year. There will be an astrology post featuring Pokémon, which I am planning to put up on my blogiversary (July 4th). I would also like to have some DIY content to share on the anniversary of the launch of the Database of Demons and Death Gods, but I don’t know yet if that’s in the cards.

I am thankful for all of my followers who are still with me and the new ones who pop up every so often to like my posts. It means the world to me that my content is still being enjoyed even though I am not currently able to create more content. Thank you!!

Love and light,


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