Pardon the dust

I’ve been working on adjusting the blog to be more manageable for me to maintain in light of my disability, and frequently near-nonexistent energy levels. That includes paring down the site so that I can get by on the personal upgrade plan.

To Do List:

  • Add back art ✅
  • Fix up DODG ☑️
  • Clean up tags and categories ☑️
  • Merge content from my side blogs ☑️

If you try to browse the blog, you’ll find some changes, including:

  • Posts have been maintained
  • Media has, for the most part, been lost
  • The Database of Demons and Death Gods is resting in peace
    • It really broke me up a bit to have to let this one go, but I did export a backup with all the content and settings in the event that I am able to resume a business plan, and I have PDFs of the most pertinent features and content, which I will upload as I am able.
  • Miscellaneous changes in layout and page content

I am sincerely thankful for your patience as I work through these road bumps!


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