Tattoo Parlor AU

Welcome to Fanfiction Friday, your passport into the world of fanfiction! As promised, but with a slight delay: Tattoo Parlor AU.

As a reminder, if you’re just joining us now, you’ll probably want to pop over to the introductory vocabulary post first, unless you’re already a fanfic veteran.

Last time, we learned about the Flower Shop AU, which is often paired up with this weeks AU, the Tattoo Parlor AU.

Tattoo Parlor AU is fun because it often pops up with fanart of tattoos, and the aforementioned pair-up of flower shop/tattoo parlor makes for some fun meet-cute potential in a romance setting

If you think you might want to give Tattoo Parlor AU a try, it’s time to head over to AO3. Be sure to select the fandom(s) you want in the include filter, add anything you don’t want to see to the exclude filters, and away you go!

That concludes this week’s edition of Fanfiction Friday. Happy reading!

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