Bidoof Breakout

3 reasons I like the Bidoof Breakout event and 1 I don’t.

I was excited when I saw the announcement for the Bidoof Breakout event. Bidoof is one of those Pokémon that I only really started to appreciate in Pokémon GO. In the original games, I didn’t care much for Bidoof at all.

Overall, I am enjoying the Bidoof Breakout. Here are three things I like about it —and one I really don’t.

Things I Like

  1. Bidoof. As already stated, Bidoof is a Pokémon that GO made me like.
  2. Bidoof caught during the event have the ghost-type move Shadow Ball, and a normal-type Pokémon having a ghost-type move is really cool.
  3. 2x catch XP. For people trying to get to level 40, this bonus combined with the increased numbers of Bidoof appearing equals an opportunity to get some much-needed XP, provided you have the pokéballs to manage it.

The Thing I Don’t Like

Evolving Bidoof during the event will get you a Bibarel that knows Hyper Beam. Yes, in the platform games, Hyper Beam is the quintessential powerful normal-type move. In GO, it’s a really awful move. It takes forever to charge and isn’t really that impressive of a move in terms of the damage. So that part of the event is pretty underwhelming.

Still, I would give the event a positive rating, because (as already twice stated):


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