DIY Fan Book (part 1)

After much delay due to issues with WordPress, as well as some procrastination with regard to photographing, part one of the Pokémon fan book tutorial is here!

Although I will be making a Pokémon themed book in this tutorial, the same design can be used to make books for other fandoms with some modifications, which I will mention as they come up.

You will need

  • Rectangular sheet of paper (I am using 9”x12” in the photos, but you can use 8.5”x11” and you’ll only lose about a quarter inch off the top and outer edges)
  • Scissors (must cut well or you will Not Have Fun)


Begin with your paper in landscape orientation, as shown.

Fold your paper into two equal halves (from left to right or right to left). Fold back out when you’re done.

Fold one edge in so that it meets the center vertical line created in the previous step. Repeat with the other edge.

You should now have a sheet of paper divided into four columns of equal width.

Fold the paper in half vertically (top to bottom or bottom to top), then unfold. Your paper is now divided into 8 sections.

VERY CAREFULLY use your scissors to cut along the middle horizontal edge until you come to the first vertical fold on each side (i.e. you are cutting a quarter of the way across each side).

IMPORTANT: it is critical that you cut as closely along the horizontal fold as possible. Minor slips off of the center line can be fixed later, but if you go away from the center line by more than a couple hairs’ widths, your pages will not be even and they will not lay flat.

After you have made the cuts from the previous step, fold the paper from top to bottom along the horizontal center line. Then fold from left to right along the vertical center line. Your paper should look like this photo when you’ve finished. The cuts that you made from the previous step should be on the top. The vertical center line is now the left edge of the paper.

Fold the top of the two outer sections (where your cuts are) back to the left edge of the paper. Flip and repeat with the remaining edge. Your paper should look like an accordion now, as seen in the photo.

OPTIONAL: If the cuts you made were slightly off center of the horizontal middle line, at this point, you can VERY CAREFULLY trim them so that they are an equal length. It can be tricky to do this without messing up your whole book, so you should do this step only if your edges are noticeably uneven. If you cut too much, your front and back pages will be shorter than your middle pages.

If you went a lot off the center horizontal line when making your cuts, you can use this step to attempt to salvage them, but I have found that the results generally ends up looking unattractive, so I would recommend starting over. This is why it is so important that your scissors cut well; if they don’t, you may end up starting over many times.

Thanks for joining me for the first part of the DIY fan book tutorial! Next up will be binding our book, so stay tuned for that.


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